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Need advice? Want some beauty tips? Want to be nosey & know what’s going on in the princess’s life? Just ask me, darling! You can ask whatever your little heart desires. I have the right to chose what I answer.

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    Hello Lyssa, I'm loving the new 2012 look on your website! Watching you grow as a make up artist I must say I'm very happy for you and very happy you've continued to follow your dreams! Especially, after the talk we had over the phone a few years back. It's good to see that you are happy doing things you love. I know this is for questions, my question is, What do you plan on doing with Journalism once you've completed the degree? What have you learned so far working in the make up industry? If you could have your own make up line what would be the name of it?  Wish you further good journeys! Neshia B.

    Aw, this really made me smile. Thank you so much doll! xo

    As far as journalism goes, my dream would be to have like my own show on E! or MTV where I can talk the entertainment industry, fashion, gossip, interview celebs on red carpets, etc. That's what I'm shooting for!

    I learned in the make-up industry so many things. I've learned there's no one "right" way to do anything, everyone's facial structure requires to accent different features, trends change all of the time & I learned smokey eyes are extremely overrated. LOL

    If I could have my own make-up line I would probably name it "Bella Honey".or just simply "Bella", which is Italian for beautiful.

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    Who is your idol?

    Marilyn Monroe... I admire her on so many levels.

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    do you have a youtube channel doing makeup tutorials like the rest of the world? I would actually subscribe to you! and how tall are you?

    No I do not... I never even thought about doing that... there are soooo many tutorials on youtube what would make mine any different? lol

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    what's up ma. i see ya looking all sexy & doing your thing. i just wanted to talk to ya. so hit me & let me know what's up.

    uh, this is for questions sir. 🙂

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    is it bad if youre 20 and dont have a man

    not at all tuts! 🙂 I think it's worse when women feel as if they NEED a man & vice versa, of course.

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    Are you messing with one of the guys from MTV's The Jersey Shore????

    Oh wow... not at all. O_o

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    I thought you're gonna choose the winner on 27th? It's already 28. I'd love to know who's the Holiday Giveaway winner! 🙂

    The winners were chosen yesterday but will be announced today, the 28th. Getting ready to announce them on twitter & the blog entry now. 🙂

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    how big does the snake bite piercings have to be???

    I'm not sure, I've never had snake bites. I've had snake eyes (the small horizontal tongue ring) but even with that I'm not sure how many gauges it is. Sorry love!

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    wassup bo$$ jus wonderin, you dont any blackberry stuff for the ladies?

    huh? lol

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    who's the winner?? it's 31st already 🙁

    they were announced already -

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    What celebrities have you met/hangout with? Btw, your makeup skills are amazing. 🙂

    there have been a few different ones... I'm not one to name drop but I blog about a lot of my ventures. 🙂 hehe! and thanks so much for the compliment doll. xoxo

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    Do u like to have your hair pulled??

    yes, I love my hair played with. 🙂

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    How old are u honey cause u are so hot 🙂

    I am 22 years old, I will be 23 on the 25th of April. 🙂 aw thanks for the compliment. xo

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    Are you bi-racial?

    why yes, yes I am! 🙂

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    Where do you get your cell phones customized at.? 🙂 xo

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    Hello this is Onyx! I extremely dislike you and I think you should leave me alone! I don't want to see you so stop asking!

    Onyx the kitty cat?! HE LOVES ME!!! SHUT UP!!! LMAOOOOOO

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    Hello, Why are you such a brain dead idiot. - Onyx.

    I'm such a "brain dead idiot" yet you can't even ask a question in proper grammar. 🙁 poor guy! xo

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    What kind of dance do you do?

    at this very moment? jazz, ballet & pole dancing... LOL! Oh & I start my belly dance classes soon too! 🙂

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    Do u buy make-up from ??

    Ulta has some brands that I like but I honestly prefer shopping at Sephora.

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    I bought a little bottle of Nielson~Massey RoseWater today to use on my face and when I got home I realized it was "flavor". Is this still ok to use on my skin and if so can you advise if I need to add anything to it? Thank you...Susan

    Hey love! I've used rosewater products on my face before by Chantecaille, but never tried anyone else. I don't want to tell you the wrong thing. I'm sorry hun. 🙁

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    Where did u attend makeup school?

    I went to Make Up Designory. AMAZING school! They have a campus in LA & one in NYC. Their website is

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    I used to follow you on twitter waaay back! Like way back when you had the babydollz group lol you came such a long way, I'm happy for you. Did you lose weight? You look amazing! I'm trying to get where you are 🙁 help! Lol

    Aw thank you love! 🙂 Yes I lost weight. I started dancing again. 🙂

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    Hi Lyssa ! I was wondering, what did you major in to become the person you are today? I am currently majoring in nursing but plan on switching my major. I want major in social work but as a minor, I would like to do Communications, Public Relations, or Business. I see myself in the corporate world doing blogging and also helping people change their lives. Any suggestions on what I should do? Thank you. - Tahisha

    Hey hun! Sounds like you should do a major in communications... that will touch on PR & all that other good stuff. I'm currently majoring in Journalism.

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    hi my name is jordan im 20 years old and a fashion stylist not looking to write you to be a opportunist , just would like to ask how did you start >/? were do you start ? im from CT everything just so slow you know

    The internet was a great tool for me... I network'd like crazy! I also offered a lot of freebies to get my name out there & get things going. I'm currently living in Long Island, things are kind of slow here too. I had to (and still have to) travel to the city a lot. What sucks is sometimes having to travel for little to no pay, but in the end it is all worth it.

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    I would like to cooperate with you How do I contact you? Look forward to your reply. best regards

    email me at

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