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“On The Record With Mick Rock” featuring The Flaming Lips


Be sure to tune into “On The Record With Mick Rock” on August 16th at 8pm EST on Ovation. Mick touches down in Oklahoma City to hang with the Flaming Lips and uncovers how these masters of psychedelic rock have become the surprising hometown heroes. Lead singer Wayne Coyne shows off his wacky art gallery, fills Mick in on his all-night parties with Miley Cyrus and ends the day with a performance of the group’s hit song, “Do You Realize??”

Check out some clips from the show after the jump…
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Some Selfie Fun

I used to always post random pictures of myself on my blog, for whatever reason, I stopped. Do you care? Probably not, but here are some cute recent selfies that I just la-la-love! LOL!

IMG_2358 IMG_2353

Z Skin Systems Method No. 1 For Radiant Skin

Z Skin Systems – the intersection of wellness, beauty, nutrition, and science.

I’m participating in the 60 Day Gorgeous Skin Challenge with Z Skin Systems! Every 2 weeks I will post pictures of my progress on my Instagram account. Then, after 60 days I will post about my progress in a blog. Let’s learn a little bit about this amazing skin care system!


Z Skin Systems has developed a clinically evaluated 2-part system integrating the daily combination of dietary supplements & a serum. Implemented together, these components are designed to help support radiant, youthful, healthy skin from the inside out and outside in.

IMG_2160 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender2

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