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Z Skin Systems Method No. 1 For Radiant Skin

Z Skin Systems – the intersection of wellness, beauty, nutrition, and science.

I’m participating in the 60 Day Gorgeous Skin Challenge with Z Skin Systems! Every 2 weeks I will post pictures of my progress on my Instagram account. Then, after 60 days I will post about my progress in a blog. Let’s learn a little bit about this amazing skin care system!


Z Skin Systems has developed a clinically evaluated 2-part system integrating the daily combination of dietary supplements & a serum. Implemented together, these components are designed to help support radiant, youthful, healthy skin from the inside out and outside in.

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#DopeChicks feature on


Click here to check out my interview with for the #DopeChicks segment! 18 & over only, please! Some of the questions are only suitable for mature eyes.

Thank you again for the feature! ♥

Livionex – Luxury Oral Care

We, as women, don’t mind spending the extra few bucks on luxury skin care, hair care, cosmetics, etc – because we know that they get the job done! But why stop there? Why not spend a few extra bucks on a luxury toothpaste? A healthy smile is a big part of beauty, so allow me to introduce you to Livionex.


Plaque is a bacterial biofilm, and like glue or cement, is hard to remove. Livionex Dental Gel uses activated edathamil to break up this biofilm, making it over 2.5 times more effective than the leading anti-plaque/anti-gingivitis toothpaste. The groundbreaking technology is the result of over a decade of research by the Livionex team in collaboration with the University of Texas & the University of California. This approach virtually eliminates plaque through brushing & achieves results that no other toothpaste has ever been able to achieve. This makes Livionex Dental Gel truly the next generation of oral care.

This gel is gentle. It has no soaps or detergents. You can purchase a bottle of Livionex for for $20 at

Keep those smiles pretty and healthy, ladies & gents! ♥

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