Random Body Art

Within the past month I have gotten 3 piercings & one tattoo. I got a horizontal tongue ring (aka snake eyes) as well as both of my nipples pierced. As for the tattoo, if you have ever bought any official Marilyn Monroe merchandise her logo is a pair of red “kissed” lips with her signature underneath. I got pink kissed lips with “Xoxo, Honey” underneath in a nice script writing. If you know me you know I absolutely adore Marilyn Monroe so it only made sense for me to get something in her honour on my body.

Here’s a picture of the tongue piercing

I also got my finger nails & toe nails done today so here’s a picture as well

Nail painting is considered body art, isn’t it?

Shoot With LaureLuxe

I was able to do a photoshoot for LaureLuxe with photographer Ernest Estimé & I was so happy at how the pictures came out! Here are two of my favourites!

I was also very excited to see one of the pictures in a Honey Magazine article. Click here to check it out.

Don’t forget to check out LaureLuxe.Com for GORGEOUS metal couture!!

Vajazzle Me My Darling

So a lot of people are still asking me about the whole vajazzle process so I decided to repost my blog on…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to Completely Bare Spa and get my vagina dazzled, vajazzled. I found out about vajazzle after watching this video of Jennifer Love Hewitt. I made a tweet about it on twitter and a few days later I am setting up my appointment with Completely Bare Spa. Before I began my vajazzle journey, I was able to sit down with the Public Relations Agent for the spa to ask her a few questions.

Honey: Was Completely Bare the originator of vajazzle?
Completely Bare: Yes we were. It was originally called “Bare with a flare” & it was started about 6 years ago.

Honey: Why did you guys start doing this?
Completely Bare: The owner, Cindy, had the idea and felt it made sense because it was when people first started blinging out their cell phones. It just came together.

Honey: Explain the process of vajazzling
Completely Bare: First you get waxed with Completely Bare wax, either completely bare or with whatever type of “design” you want. A wax remover is applied to the area to make sure there is no wax substance left on your skin. Then alcohol is applied to the area you want the crystal design to make sure it is as clean as possible. The crystals are then applied to the skin with heat, this gives the crystals the best application.

Honey: I noticed you said Completely Bare wax, can you tell me a little about that?
Completely Bare: Yes, we make our own wax with our own special formula. It is hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin. The good thing about our wax is it gets every single hair.

Honey: How long does the vajazzle last?
Completely Bare: It is guaranteed for 5 days. If any of the crystals come off before 5 days they are replaced for no charge.

Honey: How often can one get vajazzled?
Completely Bare: Every time you wax!

Honey: What is the pricing for this procedure?
Completely Bare: It starts at $120.

Honey: How has Jennifer Love Hewitt helped your business?
Completely Bare: She made vajazzle mainstream. Before her, bare with flare was only known in New York. Our clients would come in for Valentine’s Day, Weddings, special occasions, etc. Jennifer made it more acceptable for every day life.

Honey: Besides vajazzling, what is Completely Bare known for?
Completely Bare: Our laser hair removing services

Honey: How does the design of the waxing effect the vajazzle?
Completely Bare: The placement of the vajazzle. If a client wants a strip sometimes they might get the vajazzle on their hip bone. If a client goes completely bare, they usually get it right on the center of the vagina.

Honey: Have you done any men?
Completely Bare: Coming soon and that is all I can say.

Honey: What else would you like readers to know about your spa?
Completely Bare: We sell our flares alone on our website as well as an instructional video on how to vajazzle yourself at home. We also sell our at home waxing kits. http://CompletelyBare.Com

So after my interview it was time to get vajazzle. This was my first time waxing my vagina and I know for sure I wanted to go completely bare. I was expected the worse pain and it turned out to not be as bad as I expected. It actually made me realize that I want to wax on the regular now! I definitely will wax now before shaving or just using hair remover. But anyway, they waxed everything down there, even tweezed. I am completely bare! Then they applied my vajazzle design, here is a picture. a close up picture

That picture was taken right after the vajazzle was placed, that is why my skin looks so red.

This was so much fun & I have the prettiest kitty right now. I recommend this to everyone and will definitely be getting it done again! make sure when you go to Completely Bare Spa you tell them Honey sent you! 🙂

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