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Grand Re-Opening of Sues Rendezvous

Last night was the grand re-opening of Sues Rendezvous hosted by my big sis Rosa.


It was super fun! They re-did the whole club, it was really nice. I liked it. Here are some pictures from the night! 🙂

“The Hip Hop Dance Experience” Penthouse Party

Angela Yee & I

Yesterday radio personalities Angela Yee (Power 105.1) & Miss Info (Hot97) hosted a private penthouse party for the new dance game “The Hip Hop Dance Experience”. It was a nice & fun event! The game looks like so much!

It’s a video game made for XBox360 Kinect. It’s a game where you dance along to some of the hottest hip hop songs.

I was so mad that I did not get to play the game yesterday. LOL! Everyone there was being such hogs! I did get to see the a group of people play along with Fat Joe’s hit song “Lean Back”. The graphics were dope & the choreography was sick. Being the dancer that I am, I was so tempted to just bust out following the choreography on my own without even having a controller to play. LOL! I didn’t, but I wanted to.

The game comes out November 13, 2012; just in time for the holidays! I already know what I’m buying myself, I mean my little sisters, for Christmas. 😉

Here are some pictures from the event!

RanDUMB (LOL) when I came home last night I made this cinegram that I wanted to share. I love it because I feel like that I look like a scary, possessed doll. LOL! However, I hate how yellow the effect makes my teeth look. Meh! -__-

Cyn Santana Birthday Bash at Club 28

Happy 19th birthday to Cyn Santana! Thursday we went to Club 28 to celebrate her birthday. It was so much fun!

Here are some pictures from the night

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