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Say Hello To Honey (Harley) Quinn

Say Hello to Honey (Harley) Quinn! Don’t you just love her?! I mean, how could you not? So this wonderful artist, that goes by the name of Son Of A Saint, turned me into my favorite crazy little girl – Harley Quinn. I mean, we pretty much are like the same person anyway. LOL!

How amazing did this piece come out? His work is superb! Check out some more of his work, including artwork of the late/grate Chester Benningham of Linkin Park, comedian Amy Jackson as Power Girl, and WWE Diva Melina Perez as Wonder Woman.

How amazing is this guy? I mean, who wouldn’t want to see an all girl super hero/villain squad of Melina, Amy, & I? LOL! You can check out more of his work on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Want some artwork of your own created? Of course you do! You can contact him for all commissioned artwork requests by emailing him at

Cam’Ron In Long Island

I’m extremely late with this post, but my big brother Cam’Ron had a performance at Amityville Music Hall. You know I couldn’t let big bro perform by me without making an appearance. It was so much fun! Besides being close with Cam, he is legit my favorite rapper. Being on stage with him was such a fun experience!

You can check out more pictures from that night after the jump…

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Never Work For Push Agency

Models everywhere beware!


PUSH Agency is the worst promotional modeling agencies that I have ever worked for. I worked a trade show in March for them. Today is July 30th, and I still not been paid. I’ve been constantly ignored & given the run around. About a week ago, they told me the client never paid them & was sent to collections. An hour later, the company miraculously paid. I reached out to the company in question & they told me Push was paid MONTHS ago. I was told my check would be sent out the 25th. I emailed Push on the 25th to confirm, and they still have not responded. A fellow model that worked this same event with me is dealing with this same issue. This was my first & last time working with Push. I’ve never had this issue working with any other agency, and I work with many others.

And after doing further research, I’ve come to find out this is a common problem with them. A lot of models complained they either take too long to pay, or never pay at all. I’ve also learned that the company has changed their name a few times, due to so many bad reviews. Such a shame!

I am not one to publicly slander a company or a person, but they’ve been playing with my money for over 4 months! After realizing that it’s not just me they’ve been doing this to, I had to publicly broadcast this information. I’ve left my review about this on their Yelp page, as well as their Facebook page. Something has to be done!

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