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My Second Appearance On TMZ Live

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On June 23, 2014 I appeared on my the show TMZ Live for the second time. This time I commented on Kristen Stewart suing Joan Rivers (Rest In Peace) for her book!

Check out the episode…
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The Greatest Birthday Present Ever – a Cam’Ron Show!

As you may, or may not, know – I am a huge Dipset fan. Cam’Ron is by far my favourite rapper.


When Patrick (Director of Bookings at SOBs) told me that he booked a Cam’Ron show as my birthday present, I was beyond ecstatic! I could not wait to watch my big brother Killa tear down the SOBs stage. It was a great show! I had a blast. I brought my big sis & star of “Mob Wives” Ramona Rizzo as my date.

Here are some pictures from the night
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Pictures: My Birthday Bash At Club Starlets


All that matters is, my night ended great. I was having too much fun to snap pictures so here are some of the pictures others snapped & sent me. LOL!

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