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My First Magazine Feature – Haus Of Mode December 2014 Issue

Today I received in the mail a printed copy of my very first magazine feature! I was featured in Haus Of Mode’s December 2014 issue.


I am so excited to see my name & picture in a magazine! I damn near screamed turning the pages! Haus of Mode is a fashion/beauty magazine. They did an interview with me entitled “10 Things With Lyssa Honey”…

Continue reading to check out the interview & find out how you can purchase a copy of the magazine…
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Super Cute Intro Video

So I received a tweet about getting an introduction video made using your logo for $5. I thought for only $5, what could I lose? The video came out super cute!

Well worth the $5! I’m adding as the introduction to all of videos… Let’s see it in action!

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Continuing This Hair Journey…

As you may, or may not, know I have been on a journey to revitalize my hair. My hair has been through it all, bleaching, numerous hair dyes, relaxing chemicals, extensions, etc. But I’ve been doing so good!

You can read a little bit about my journey by clicking here

Today I received some more goodies from the wonderful people at The Mane Choice.

Keep reading to see what I’ve got & a picture of my hair style! :)

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