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I met & befriended Geebin Flores about a year ago through Rosa Acosta. Being a make-up artist, I was excited to learn that she designed gorgeous dresses, some who have been worn by your favourite celebrities. After I saw a dress that Rosa owned, I fell in love. Her dresses are gorgeous, definitely something I had to share with my wonderful readers.

Isn’t this dress beautiful? Geebin even gave me the opportunity to interview her.

Continue reading for the interview + more pictures

Here are some more of her beautiful dresses

Here are some of your favourite celebrities in her dresses

Rosa Acosta



Here is my interview with Geebin….

Lyssa Honey: For those who don’t know you, why don’t you introduce yourself & your brand? Geebin: My name is Geebin Flores. I’m a designer….I have a clothing line named GEEBIN

Lyssa Honey: How long have you been designing & what made you start?
Geebin: I’ve been designing since I was 8 years old. I started making clothes for my Barbies and my pets. About 4 years ago I started making dresses for myself because I didn’t like going out and finding multiple girls in the same dress that I had on.

Lyssa Honey: You are most known for your dresses, do you design anything else or plan on designing other items?
Geebin:Yes I would LOVE to design shoes! I’ve made bikinis as well but my passion is definitely dresses.

Lyssa Honey: I know you own your own boutique in Miami, do you plan on opening any other boutiques? Are your dresses sold anywhere besides your boutique?
Geebin: Actually I just closed it. I wanted to focus on designing. The boutique was taking up too much of my time. So I’m doing a wholesale line instead. My dresses will be sold in boutiques nationwide VERY soon!

Lyssa Honey: Who was the first big name to wear one of your dresses? Who else would you like to see one of your pieces?
Geebin:Trina and Rosa Acosta. I love Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Mya, I could go on forever!

Lyssa Honey: Where do you get your inspiration?
Geebin: I get my inspiration from the fabric stores. I look for bright colors, anything from silks to sequined fabric and how I can put them together to make a beautiful piece.

Lyssa Honey: How often do you wear your own dresses?
Geebin:All the time! I have worn every dress I’ve designed!

Lyssa Honey: What designer labels do you personally like?
Geebin:I love DSquared, Claudio Milano, LaRok, Roberto Cavalli, too many to list!

Lyssa Honey: What is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome thus far?
Geebin:Getting my name out there and my product known

Lyssa Honey: Has there even been a design you released that you personally didn’t like but it did well?
Geebin: Haha sort of. I didn’t DISLIKE it but I wasn’t in love with it and I sold out of it immediately.

Lyssa Honey: Which one of your pieces is your personal favourite? (overall from now or a pass collection)
Geebin:That’s tough! I don’t have a favorite! One of them is the green beaded snake dress.

Lyssa Honey: Where have we seen your dresses? (Runway, television, music videos, etc)
Geebin:I’ve done fashion shows in Tampa. My dresses were in last year’s Clearwater Fashion Week runway show. No television or music videos YET…I’m working on that!

Lyssa Honey: I have to say that you are so pretty, have you ever modeled or considered it? Geebin:Thanks! I did a few photoshoots for fun but I always knew that I wanted to be a designer.

Lyssa Honey: What’s your favourite thing about being a designer? What’s the one thing you do not like about being a designer?
Geebin: It’s so fun to make your ideas come to life and to see people in my dresses. Hmmm I can’t think of anything negative about being a designer. I love it!

Lyssa Honey: Who is your target market?
Geebin: A woman who is confident in her skin, who also likes to look sexy and have fun with her style.
Lyssa Honey: How do you advertise your dresses & your brand?
Geebin:I haven’t done a lot of marketing. I advertise a little bit on Twitter and Facebook but as soon as my new line is ready… I will be advertising in magazines

Lyssa Honey: Are all of your pieces offered online as well as in store? Do you have products exclusive to either or?
Geebin: I sell my dresses on my website I custom make pieces as well

Lyssa Honey: What is the process of producing a new dress design?
Geebin:I either sketch it out first and then look for the perfect fabric or I purchase fabric and design something for the fabric. I then meet with my dressmaker and she makes me a sample. Once I approve it, she makes 5 more pieces. I only make 6 of each design

Lyssa Honey: If you could do anything else besides what you are doing now, what would it be? Geebin:I love animals but I don’t want to be a vet and I love music but I can’t sing or rap so this is it for me ☺

Lyssa Honey: What can we expect from you in the future?
Geebin: You will see my dresses all over VERY soon!!

Why are you still even reading this? You should be over at http://GeebinFlores.Com ordering a dress. 🙂

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