Interview with Fashion Designer Angel Brinks

This beautiful face has made her mark not only in the modeling industry, but is surely taking over the fashion industry. Angel Brinks, also known as the legging queen, has designed pieces for some of your favourite celebrities! Her designs are like her looks – exotic & sexy.

Here I am in a pair of Angel Brinks leggings. Loves them!

This was someone who’s mind that I definitely wanted to pick at. Check out my interview with Angel Brinks after the jump…

Lyssa Honey: What was your childhood & upbringing like? What were your childhood dreams?
Angel Brinks: My childhood upbringing was tough, although I didn’t understand why. Coming from a strict background, all we were taught was to have straight A’s, work, and cater to our men (better known as a husband). Everyone in my family has either their bachelor’s or master’s degree. My grandfather and father always came home to a hot dish, and spotless home. Growing up I wanted to be two things. Either a judge, or a singer/actress. At one time in my school years, I was a “Conflict Manager’ helping other students work through their problems. I always wanted to fix problems and show people how to do it with calm. Maybe that’s the Libra in me (balance/scale). I was involved in choir, drama, and dance. I’d travel around, winning competitions, dress rehearsals, and shows. I would attend Debbie Reynold’s dance studio and acting classes. I later appeared on commercials, TV shows, and music videos. As a child, I would always play “pretend”, worked hard for an allowance until I could actually buy a real cash register. When I did, I used monopoly money, drew barcodes to tape them on my clothes, used my dictaphone I had from choir to record my microwave beeps, and pretend to scan the barcodes I had taped on the clothes. I’d ring my pretend customers up, and bag up the clothing. I wanted to sell clothes so bad.

Lyssa Honey: If you were given Aladdin’s lamp & could wish for 3 things (besides more wishes) what would they be?
Angel Brinks: If I could wish for 3 things they would be…. to see/talk to a couple people that were VERY dear to my heart who are no longer alive. Another wish would be that my 5 year old ( and all my future children) to be extremely successful and healthy. Last wish, I hope to have a blissful, forever lasting marriage.

Lyssa Honey: You first came onto the scene as a model, what was it like to transition to a fashion designer? Being that you were already a model, did you find it easy or hard to transition to a fashion designer? Why? Will you model anything other than your own brand now?
Angel Brinks: The transition from modeling to designing was very easy. Not only do the two go together, but when you REALLY want to do something, and you’re passionate about it….it’s always easy. That’s actually how I got started. I would be out, and a lot of girls would ask where I got whatever it was I had on, which was something I had designed. If I were to model again, it would really depend on what I was modeling.

Lyssa Honey: Where have we seen your brand? (Celebrities, shows, magazines, etc)
Angel Brinks: Oh man, my brand has been everywhere! On TV shows, magazine covers, music videos, concerts, red carpet, fashion shows, all over the internet… A lot of TV reality stars from Draya, Evelyn Lozada, Gloria Govan, Brooke Bailey (Basketball Wives). Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Mena, Somaya Reece, Kimbella, Emily B, Jocelyn Hernandez. Bad Girl’s Elease Donovan, Natalie Nunn, etc. Coco, from Ice T loves Coco. From Trina, Lil Kim, Mya, and so many more…

Lyssa Honey: If you weren’t in the fashion world, what would you be doing?
Angel Brinks: If I wasn’t in the fashion world, I think I’d be somewhere birthing a bunch of babies! I want a huge family!

Lyssa Honey: If you could describe your brand in one word, what would it be?
Angel Brinks: If I could describe my brand in one word, it’d be SEXY.

Lyssa Honey: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Angel Brinks: I got my inspiration a few different ways. From the business aspect of it, I wanted to fill a void. A demand there was no supply of. When I started, no one was really doing the flashy leggings or bodysuits. Most were very basic, either one color, or just spandex. I got most of my inspiration from the performing arts. A lot of the materials were sequins, tight lycra, spandex, glittery, patches, shoulder pads etc. Pretty much stage appeal. Which is why I think a lot of performer’s/musicians enjoy my line. Some inspirations can come from curtains, mainly for draping. Another important inspiration comes from all the sexy ladies around the world who embrace their bodies and are finally getting comfortable wearing/thinking outside the box (better known as the dress lol).

Lyssa Honey: Can you describe for us the very first fashion piece that you designed?
Angel Brinks: Oh my gosh. The very first piece was in junior high. But as far as with ABF it was leggings, and they got more creative each time.

Lyssa Honey: Think about the first piece you ever designed & the most recent piece that you have designed, how have your designs changed?
Angel Brinks: I think with every career, you better yourself in your craft. Yes, I have got more and more creative. If you think about it, I mainly do leggings and bodysuits. So there’s only so much you can do with them, but not with Angel Brinks. I know how to take one thing and make a whole lot of different ideas with it. Every time I put something out, people love it. As I continue to, there’s always someone saying “this is by far the very best creation of yours”. Happens every single time.

Lyssa Honey: How would you describe an Angel Brinks customer? (their personality, fashion sense, etc)
Angel Brinks: My customers are the best. They’re always so supportive and excited. A lot of the time they’ll write in saying how they’re so excited to get their first piece or how excited they are to wear Angel Brinks for their birthday etc. They’re also very anxious, I’ve never seen such a thing! They always say I’m their inspiration but little do they know they’re my inspiration. I strive on making them look the best! When they walk into the room I want them to stand out and shine. All the celebrities have me on “speed dial” anytime they need something they’ll call me right away. I created that when I opened my shop in Las Vegas. Being that its by appointment only, I give them one on one VIP treatment when they come in. I measure them, have them pick what they want, draw it out, give them fashion tips etc. I really make it all about them. They all have fashion sense though, of course because they found me! Lol

Lyssa Honey: What is Angel Brinks signature style? Do you feel your personal signature style shows in your brand?
Angel Brinks: When I first started I did have bodysuits called “signature cut”. It’s the most basic out of all my body suits, they’re cute out a lot more under the arms (cannot wear a bra). But honestly, anyone who wears leggings or bodysuits have become my signature. A lot of people incorporate leggings and bodysuits with Angel Brinks. No matter if they’re from my line or not, it’s like if they’re hot leggings or bodysuits, and/or on a celebrity, it has to be Angel Brinks. My designs are very unique. Lots of sequins, glitter, sex appeal, patches, different cut outs… I go all out.

Lyssa Honey: What are your personal favourite pieces from your brand? Are there any pieces you personally didn’t like too much but ended up selling really well? If so, which ones?
Angel Brinks: Every time I put something out, I’m like “This is it!!” I really shoot for a variety of designs to accommodate everyone. I am an edgy designer so you will find that with my line. They’re all my favorite, I’ve literally worn all of them out! My top favorites are “Player’s Anthem” “Celebrity” “Pop Star” “Chess game” “Rock Steady” “Bossy” “Bravo” “Your Highness” “Silver Back” “3 Chainz” “Chosen One” “Cold blooded” oh my goodness I can go on for days! They’ve all sold very well, I always sell out so I think I do well with what people like. Every single item for me is like my baby. I personally hand pick each material with a design in mind.

Lyssa Honey: Besides your own brand, what are your favourite brands? It can be well-known labels and/or up & coming.
Angel Brinks: When you can make your own clothes its hard to wear anything else. I will say I have a sick shoe fetish, I wear Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti, Louis Vuitton, Gucci.. And honestly I love shopping in little small boutiques because if I’m going to wear something other than my line, I’d like to wear something not too many people have access to. We all want to stand out.

Lyssa Honey: If you could see your designs on any 3 celebrities that you have not yet worked with, who would they be? If you could have your pieces in any 3 stores or boutiques in the world, what stores would they be?
Angel Brinks: I’d have to say Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Britney Spears. 3 stores would have to be Department Stores because I’m not too familiar with all the shops in the world although I’d love to be one day. I’d say Saks Fifth, Nordstrom’s, and it’s a toss up between Barney’s and Macy’s.

Lyssa Honey: Where do you see you & your brand in 5 years? In 10 years?
Angel Brinks: I’d hope to be seriously evolved by 5-10 years. Continuing to make items high in demand. Once you conquer one thing, on to the next! So whatever that will be, I plan to be all over it. I’d love to do fashion shows all over the world! Whatever God can bless me with I’m happy for it!

Lyssa Honey: I know that you have a very immaculate shoe game, will there ever be an Angel Brinks shoe collection? Are there any other items you want to design one day? (bags, accessories, etc)
Angel Brinks: Yes! If I can do shoes, the world will in be trouble! I have seriously started mastering the feet and which kinda make your feet look really good! Funny you say accessories because I can see that. Before all the big earring came out I would get crafty and make my own huge earrings or use ornaments and things. Years later, the big earrings came out. I have a serious eye for fashion so anything is possible!

Lyssa Honey: Anything else about you or your brand you would like to share with us?
Angel Brinks: I’d like to thank a lot of people who have sleepless nights working hard for ABF. My team is amazing (shout out to Socially Loud)… I’d like to also thank people like you Lyssa, for allowing people like me to be able to spread the word on me. I encourage everyone to follow their passion. Anytime you’re passionate about something the success rate is always high.

Lyssa Honey: Where on the world wide web can we find Angel Brinks?
Angel Brinks: You can find me on YouTube: Angel Brinks. Facebook: Angel Brinks or Angel Brinks Fashion. Twitter and Instagram: AngelBrinks My line is also available on

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