Interview With Jackie Bianchi Of Jerseylicious

I know all of you Jerseylicious fans noticed the pretty new blonde that joined the cast on the new season. I was able to interview her so all of her fans, and her soon to be fans, could get to know her. Trust me, how could you not love this girl?! In my opinion, she’s just amazeballs! And she loves Marilyn Monroe, so that always gets bonus points from me. LOL ♥

Lyssa Honey: For those who don’t know who you are, please introduce yourself.
Jackie Bianchi: Jackie Bianchi, or Jacquelina! I am a new cast member on the tv show Jerseylicious, I am 22 and happily Married to Carmelo Bianchi! I am pregnant to a little baby girl! I am a hair dresser and I work at Anthony Robert Salon in Verona!

Lyssa Honey: For those who are out of the loop & don’t know what Jerseylicious is, let them know about the show.
Jackie Bianchi: It is a very entertaining show about Hair Dressers, Life, Love Drama, Friendship Drama, But in the end we all love each other and everyone is one big family! We get through all hard times and everything always works out great!

Lyssa Honey: What is your position at the Gatsby Salon?
Jackie Bianchi: I’m at Anthony Robert Salon! I am a Hair Stylist!

Lyssa Honey: As a hair stylist, are you a specialist? As in dye, cut, etc? If you don’t have a specific title – what do you like doing most to hair? What do you like doing the least?
Jackie Bianchi: I love doing Styles on people, and bridal hair! Love giving people highlights! Love layered cuts, I don’t really not like anything! Its all fun to me!!

Lyssa Honey: Where do you get your inspiration?
Magazines and new looks really inspire me! I love catching up on the latest trends!!

Lyssa Honey: By following you on Twitter, I’ve noticed you’re close friends with Olivia. Did this come about before or after the show? If before, is she part of the reason you’re on the show. If after, what attracted you to befriend her outside of a professional atmosphere?
Jackie Bianchi: Olivia and I grew up together, weve known each other since 6th grade! We have so many memories its crazy, I know her life she knows mine! Our personalitys click they always have! Growing up with someone you become more like sisters than best friends!

Lyssa Honey: How do you cope with the Team Tracy/Briella vs Olivia conflict? How has it affected you personally & professionally? What tips do you have on being professional in situations like that?
Jackie Bianchi: Tracy and Briella don’t bother me, they don’t bother Olivia either, she just does her own thing, yes at times she gets upset, as do they, theres a lot going on there, sometimes its best not to get to involved, brielle and Olivia are civil now, which is a good thing! Tracy and Olivia will never be friends and sometimes that’s just best, some people just don’t get along~! Its life, and its not uncommon in life to have enemies, acquaintances, and friends!

Lyssa Honey: How do you feel like being on the show will affect your private life?
Jackie Bianchi:I don’t let it! I have a manager who does a lot of my show stuff, like deals with my facebook and twitter, and emails, etc, so when I go home I have husband and wife time! It works out well! But I still read what all my fans say!!

Lyssa Honey: Have you always wanted to be on television? Have you ever been on television before?
Jackie Bianchi: Yes I always have! And always was told one day I will be! I was one time in 5th grade!! We sang at a chorus concert and they showed it on tv, it was really cool! Another time I was on the news and I felt really cool! Haha I actually got a facebook message from an old friend, I JUST SAW YOU ON THE NEWS… really funny!

Lyssa Honey: Even though it’s reality television, everyone is a “character” – what is your’s?
Jackie Bianchi: The Mature but still silly Married Childhood friend I would say!

Lyssa Honey: What tips do you have for those who aspire to be in the hair industry?
Jackie Bianchi: Follow your dreams, don’t ever get discouraged everything doesn’t always come out perfect its just hair it can be fixed!!

Lyssa Honey: If you weren’t doing hair, what would you be doing?
Jackie Bianchi: Something in the medical field!! Or Teaching!

Lyssa Honey: What other reality shows do you like to watch? What other reality show characters do you think you can relate to?
Jackie Bianchi: Jersey Shore, Love them! Hmmmmm I might be like Sammi, When I love someone I do and always try to make it work, good or bad relationship, im a good friend and im all about being there for my friends! Love the natural look I don’t wear a lot of makeup! And I can be nice!

Lyssa Honey: If you could be on another reality show, what show would it be?
Jackie Bianchi: The Real House wives of New Jersey because I am a house wife in NJ, and my life is hilarious, definitely a good story for a reality show!

Lyssa Honey: If you could be anyone (alive or dead) for a day, who would it be? Why?
Jackie Bianchi: Hmmmmmmm Marilyn Monroe, She was beautiful, inspiring, and she made woman what they are today!

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I’d like to thank Jackie for this wonderful interview & I’d like to thank April for contributing to the interview questions. ♥

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  1. I have also been one of the biggest fans of Jerseylicious and it was really good to read about her personal life. I am always there to know about these types of things for the actors that I like the most.

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