Interview with Jessica Romano of Style Network’s “Glam Fairy”

After attending the season premiere event for the Style Network’s show “Glam Fairy”, it was only write that I interview some of the cast members! Read my interview with “Glam Fairy” star Jessica Romano after the jump…

Lyssa Honey: How did you get into makeup? Was MAC the first line you worked for, or did you work your way up into MAC?
Jessica Romano: Ever since I was a little girl I was always attracted to anything girly or glittery and not much has changed. I knew I loved beauty and fashion but I was never sure I could make it into a career until I worked for MAC and saw all of the opportunities out there for a makeup artist. Thank god because this is the only thing I’m good at. It comes natural to me. A smokey eye comes “natural” to me, lol.

Lyssa Honey: Now you have your own line, Glamorous Cosmetics. Tell us more about that.
Jessica Romano: Glamorous Cosmetics is my baby. I’m partner and lead makeup artist for the line. All the products are formulated in Athens under the European Cosmetics Directive which makes the quality of our products held to the highest standard. We are also cruelty free. When I teamed up with Glamorous years ago I wanted top of the line products, that all beauty buffs could afford and that is exactly what we have created.

Lyssa Honey: What are your favorite products from the line? Where can readers get more info?
Jessica Romano: I love our shadow sticks. They might be intimidating at first- but they make doing your makeup so much easier! I swear by our eyeliners too! They all have built in sharpeners, and the excitement of having a dull pencil and realizing you have a sharpener never gets old. Everyone should try our Single and Double eyeshadows. They have great consistency, vibrant color, and cute packaging.

Lyssa Honey: What are your most popular pieces?
Jessica Romano: Our oversized Bronzer is a huge hit. Our single eye shadow in the shade Glitter Junkie is a favorite- we are actually waiting on a new shipment because we are out of stock! Also our nail polish in the shade Party In a Bottle is a cult classic.
Right now we are actually doing 15% off for Halloween with the coupon code “GLAMOWEEN”
Follow @glamorousUSA for any tips or questions and speak to one of our makeup artists one on one.

Lyssa Honey: Do you ever feel like you are “type-casted” or “stereotyped” because you are a beauty guru?
Jessica Romano: Yes. I feel like because sometimes I can come off as self absorbed with my makeup and hair always done. Yes, I’m rocking a smokey eye to a dive bar. Hello this is my profession. If you work for BMW I’m sure you are not driving around a Toyota.

Lyssa Honey: You have a very hippie, boho style. Would you ever want to live in the
70’s and be a “real” hippie?
Jessica Romano: I would have killed it in the 70’s. Bell bottoms and beats all day.

Lyssa Honey: How do you mix the boho look with high fashion and glamour to put together your signature style? Jessica Romano: Boho Glam is all about looking Glamorous without trying. Effortless glam. Mixing vintage pieces with your favorite designer. Layering clothes that fit- but still drape. Accessories are key. Oversized bag and layers of chunky jewelry. Can’t forget about the head wrap. Add the glam by curling your hair with a waver or rocking winged eyeliner. You are now a boho glam princess.

Lyssa Honey: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only pack a tiny makeup bag with say….5 products….what would be the 5 products that you absolutely cannot live without?
Jessica Romano: Wow. Worst nightmare. Ok. Moisturizer with spf- because it keeps you young. Mascara for flirting. Blot Powder to keep you flawless in the heat. Lipgloss because I’d feel naked without it. Last but not least even though I’m stranded on an island, still a Jersey girl. Need bronzer.

Lyssa Honey: You and Briella (Calafiore) seem very close on the show. Were you two
friends before the show, or did you meet on set?
Jessica Romano: Brielle and I were friends before the show because we both worked for Alexa. Of course spending so much time together filming has also brought us a lot closer. Thats my homegirl. I’ll do anything for Briella. According to a Bronx Tale you are allowed three great woman in your lifetime. She is one of my greats.

Lyssa Honey: We heard about the infamous “glam-sitting incident,” when you & Briella
babysat for Sharie’s toddlers and gave them makeovers. People usually have
pretty strong opinions about little girls, makeup, and the over-sexualization of
little girls. How do you feel about that show “Toddlers & Tiaras?”
Jessica Romano: When we were glam sitting for Sharie’s kids we were just being girls having fun in the privacy of their home. Toddlers & Tiaras creeps me out. Dressing your daughter up like a sex symbol and then trotting them on stage to be judged by old men should be illegal- until these girls are of age to consent. Unfortunately for these girls the only age of consent they are looking forward to is the one where they get to hit the poles.

Lyssa Honey: Do you think Alexa (Prisco) is going to let you and Briella babysit?
Jessica Romano: Hell to the no. Even though I’d make a great fairy god mother.

Lyssa Honey: What can we look forward to seeing from you on this season of “Glam
Jessica Romano: I think season we are all a little more vulnerable. There are sides to the fairies you have never seen before. As far as myself, you are going to see me hustle like never before, but with hustle comes haters and consequences and it’s all going down this season.

A big thank you to Cynthia & April for putting this together!

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