Interview with Kimora J. Fox – Creator of Pimp Wives

If you’re a frequent visitor to WSHH or YouTube, I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of Pimp Wives. Pimp Wives is a comical online show that pretty much pokes fun at all of these wife reality shows. I was actually able to work with the creator, Kimora, and made a cameo on an upcoming episode. Make sure you look out for that! I also thought it would be cool to interview her. Before you read the interview, watch this video of her character Big Pinky. There are more videos from Pimp Wives at the end of the interview. I will be sure to post my cameo once it is released!

Lyssa Honey: For those who don’t know who you are, may you please introduce yourself?
Kimora J. Fox: Well I’m Kimora J Fox i’m a writer, poet, actress, deep thinker & problem solver. If i want something I go and get it; plan and simple.

Lyssa Honey: Where did you come up with the idea for Pimp Wives?
Kimora J. Fox: The idea for Pimp Wives came to me back in Halloween 2009 when I was planning on being a clown maid in a Pink Afro with a maid costume on. But when I put the costume on I looked absolutely ridiculous, so I went in my closet put on a club dress and pinky coat. Planning on being a sexy clown, by the time I got outside I was a hoe and Big Pinky was born. lol

Lyssa Honey: Explain the plot of the whole series
Kimora J. Fox: The plot for series is 5 Pimp Wives from the 1970’s who all did time in prison for different reasons. Each come home one by one and see things have changed. Now they’re all back home together trying to pick up the pieces and adjust to their new surroundings.

Lyssa Honey: Who are the main characters? What are their stories?
Kimora J. Fox: The main characters are Big Pinky, Orangina, Patranetta, Blondie & Blueberry. They all have different personalities and are all very nutty in their own way. These women are old school as hell and don’t know any better. They have all been locked up for 25-30 years. People are going to have to tune in if they want to see what their stories are but I promise that their stories are insane and hilarious.

Lyssa Honey: What do you & the character that you play have in common?
Kimora J. Fox: The only thing I can say that Big Pinky and I have in common is keeping it real with who you are. Big Pinky doesn’t care what people think, she is going to be her whether people like it or not. I’m the same way in my life. That is about the only thing her and I have in common.

Lyssa Honey: What are the steps you take for production each episode? How long is the process?
Kimora J. Fox: The steps I take before each episode is just pretty much creating a dope, interesting and funny story-line. No episode is the same. It’s a really fun project because I can take it in any direction that I want and sometimes, I don’t even know, I let it just flow and form into what it’s going to be on its own. I’m really having a lot of fun right now with this project.

Lyssa Honey: What can we expect from Pimp Wives in the future?
Kimora J. Fox: A lot of crazy situations! These women are insane and when they’re all together it really is a very interesting and funny thing to see. Pimp Wives will be traveling the world landing in many interesting & different situations. I’m definitely creating something with only one word in mind and that’s “Different” and I will do that.

Lyssa Honey: Of all of the real “wife” shows out there, which is your favourite? Why?
Kimora J. Fox: The funny thing is I never really watched any of the “Wives” shows. I’m not really a TV person. I might of glance at one here and there but I never got into them. But I must admit I did watch and enjoy Love & Hip Hop.

Lyssa Honey: Do you have a history in acting? What other projects can we expect from you in the future?
Kimora J. Fox: I went to acting class when I was about 5 until 10. I did the whole school plays thing and stuff like that. I’ve always had a love for the art but I honestly would have never guessed that I’d be doing this now. But I guess life is funny that way, you never know what to expect.

Lyssa Honey: Who would you like to get to play a part on Pimp Wives? What kind of role would you have them playing?
Kimora J. Fox: I would love to have Camren Diaz in Pimp Wives. She is wacky and crazy, she’d fit right in! That might be a long shot. But hey life is like the lotto, you never know. lol

Lyssa Honey: How was it collaborating with me on an episode? Where did you get the idea for the plot of the episode I was on?
Kimora J. Fox: I enjoyed working with you, Lyssa. Your vibe was cool. You seemed a little nervous at first but then you opened right up. I got the idea for this episode after I heard about your situation with Media Take Out. I figured it would be cool to have fun with it based on what they were saying about you. And since Big Pinky has been looking for Big Larry and can’t find him, I thought it would be funny if he has been with you while Big Pinky was locked up.

Lyssa Honey: Besides acting, what else have you got under your belt?
Kimora J. Fox: I was a rapper & making beats before this. It’s funny because a lot of people know me as Kimora J. Fox, the rapper and refuse to believe that I don’t rap anymore. I’m still waiting for them to get over it lol

Lyssa Honey: Where can people view new & old episodes of Pimp Wives?
Kimora J. Fox: They can view everything on Shout out to Q! People can also view everything on my youtube channel at The official Pimp Wives website is coming soon.

Lyssa Honey: Where can we find you on the world wide web?
Kimora J. Fox:

Lyssa Honey: Anything else you would like to share with us?
Kimora J. Fox: Expect the unexpected……

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