Interview with Model/Video Vixen/Actress Sheneka Adams

You’ve seen her face… You know her name… But how many people can honestly say they have picked at the brain of Sheneka Adams? This girl goes beyond a beautiful face, and I’ve learned that since befriending her & holding conversations with her. This was definitely a fun interview & thank you so much Sheneka for doing it! Check the interview out after the jump…

Lyssa Honey: In 10 words or less, who is Sheneka Adams?
Sheneka Adams: A fun loving, caring person who loves & lives life to the fullest.

Lyssa Honey: What was your childhood & upbringing like? What were your childhood dreams?
Sheneka Adams: My childhood was pretty normal. I was raised in a single parent home with 2 younger siblings and I was always the outcast because of the way I looked and acted. My dream as a child was to be a forensic scientist but that changed when I became old enough to learn about the entertainment world.

Lyssa Honey: What was your big break into the entertainment industry?
Sheneka Adams: When I appeared in Smooth Magazine I would say.

Lyssa Honey: What was your most memorable moment being in the entertainment industry? (Positive or negative) – Being on the cover of the LA Times newspaper as a best dressed celeb for the BET Hip Hop Awards over everyone that was there, that blew me away completely.

Lyssa Honey: You have a wonderful resume for such a young age, can you share with us some of your biggest ventures?
Sheneka Adams: Right now I’m working on my own Collection, S.Adams Collection, I can’t spill the beans on what it is exactly but I am so happy and proud of accomplishing this.

Lyssa Honey: What is something that you want to do, or conquer, that you haven’t yet?
Sheneka Adams: I wanna go to space. That’s my lifetime goal!

Lyssa Honey: I’ve noticed on instagram & twitter that you tag a lot of your images with “#SAdamsCollection”, can you tell us what’s that all about?
Sheneka Adams: Not right now lol!

Lyssa Honey: There is a stereotype this day & age for “urban models” & “video vixens” that isn’t always the nicest of things, how do you feel that you’ve overcame that stereotype?
Sheneka Adams: I mean I have to a certain degree but people are going to think whatever anyway and honestly who cares.

Lyssa Honey: If you could change one thing about your personal appearance, what would it be & why? What do you feel is your best trait of your personal appearance?
Nothing I like the way God made me. My best trait would be my freckles.

Lyssa Honey: How is Sheneka the friend, family member, wife different from Sheneka the model?
Sheneka Adams: No different, I am the same person at all times, that’s how I stay true to myself, although when I have to perform I turn into Gigi, my better half.

Lyssa Honey: Your boyfriend Jacob York is also your manager, how do you feel you benefit from having him as both titles? I ask because you know a lot of people say “don’t mix business with pleasure” but you seem to be doing great doing so!
Sheneka Adams: Because I have access to him 24/7-365 days a year. It can get a little rocky but that’s with every relationship whether it be business or personal but for the most part he has made everything I wanted to accomplish happen for me and I thank him for that.

Lyssa Honey: You are very known for your fashion sense, tell us what you feel is the perfect every day outfit for Fall 2012. What is the perfect outfit to wear to a club for Fall 2012? (Be as specific or as general as you want to be)
Sheneka Adams: The perfect everyday outfit for me would me, a nice pair of skinny jeans, a tank top (any color) nice leather crop jacket, nice hobo bag, some nice boots and accessories. Club fit would be a nice long sleeved knee high dress with a fur jacket, closed toe pumps and a cute clutch.

Lyssa Honey: Would you ever consider breaking out into the fashion world? If so, what would you design?
Sheneka Adams: I could see that and if I did I would design clothes and shoes.

Lyssa Honey: If you could be anyone for 24 hours (alive or dead) who would it be? Why? What would you do? Sheneka Adams: Beyonce, I’m just in love with her. I don’t know what I would do, probably just enjoy being her.

Lyssa Honey: If you could have one magical power, what would it be? Why?
Sheneka Adams: The power to be invisible so I can see and hear what people REALLY think about me.

Lyssa Honey: If you had Aladdin’s lamp & could make 3 wishes (besides ask for more wishes) what would they be? Sheneka Adams: Free weave for the rest of my life, my family to have an endless amount of money, and world peace.

Lyssa Honey: If you could describe your life in one quote (an original quote or someone else’s quote) what would it be?
Sheneka Adams: “You know my name, not my story.”

Lyssa Honey: If you could live your life as a fairytale, story, or movie – which would it be? Who would be what character? (for example say you say The Little Mermaid you could say you’re Arielle, Jacob is Prince Eric, etc) Sheneka Adams: Probably cinderella because her story is similar to mines.

Lyssa Honey: If someone was to make a movie about your life, who would you want to play the role of you? Why? Sheneka Adams: I would play the role myself because I don’t think anyone could do it better than I could.

Lyssa Honey: Anything else you would like to share with us?
Sheneka Adams: Nope, but thnx for the interview.

Lyssa Honey: Where can we find Sheneka Adams on the world wide web?
Sheneka Adams: Just follow me on twitter and instagram: @iamShenekaAdams

Again, thank you for the interview my love! Make sure you guys follow her to see all she has in store for you because I know she has some awesome things coming her way very soon! 😉

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