Interview with Ramona Rizzo of “Mob Wives”

“But if the bitch wants to start something, she’s going to get a facial with my fist.” -Ramona Rizzo

If you’ve been watching the second season of Mob Wives, you’ve probably seen a couple of new faces that you haven’t seen in the season one. One of these pretty faces belong to Ramona Rizzo. Based on the show, she’s been labeled a bitch, a bully, a trouble maker, etc. I know her as more than that. I wanted to interview her so people can know the Ramona that goes beyond the show and the cameras…

Lyssa Honey: Who was your grandfather & what was his role in the mob?
Ramona Rizzo: Hmm, my grandfather was in the mob? *laughs* My grandfather was Benjamin “Lefty Guns” Ruggiero. He was loyal and a real g, that’s my only comment.

Lyssa Honey: How was your upbringing & childhood? What was it like being Lefty Guns granddaughter?
Ramona Rizzo: My upbringing was with a family of 4, 2 parents & 1 sister. I had everything I wanted & needed, I lived very nice. Having a grandfather as I did just made my life more enjoyable. He was the smile in my heart. He was the only person that could make me do something, I didnt want to, with no debate. I had that much love & respect for him.

Lyssa Honey: What was your proudest most memorable moment growing up? What was your most embarrassing moment?
Ramona Rizzo: Growing up my most proudest momemt was when I won the talent show signing, when I was in Annie, & when I was the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz. My whole family came! Also was when the cabbage patch kids were so popular & you couldn’t find them, my grandfather from jail had someone send my cousin, sister & I some. I was so proud to show that doll off to all of my friends, mostly because my grandfather found a way to get it 2 me! Embarrassing was when i had got arrested for shop lifting & my dad wanted me to tell my grandfather, but I never did. I didn’t want him to look at me differently or tell him why i did it. Also, it was very embarrassing when I had driven to another school so I could have a fist fight with some girl that I didn’t like. The principal called the cops & my mom had to ask the neighbor who was a lawyer to come with me to court.

Lyssa Honey: What were your thoughts on the movie “Donnie Brasco”? How do you feel Al Pacino did playing your grandfather?
Ramona Rizzo: My thoughts on the Donnie Brasco movie aren’t that great because they portrayed my grandfather as someone he wasn’t. Especially the fact that in the movie he was a bad dresser & not that intelligent. They also made it like he was killed in the end, that bothers me the most. I watched my grandfather die of cancer on Thanksgiving Day in the hospital! On Al Pacino playing my grandfather, he was the best in the business at his job. He did what he had to & when I spoke to him personally about it he was very kind & comforting at a rough time.

Lyssa Honey: If someone were to make a movie about you & your fellow Mob Wives, who would you want to play you?
Ramona Rizzo: Hmmm…. if someone played me, it depends. I’d want the looks of Selma Heyak, but also the looks & attitude of Gina Gershin. A hard but sexy & soft girl. Not really sure…

Lyssa Honey: You’ve said you married to get away from the mob lifestyle and then your husband later gained ties with the mob. How did you deal with that? Did you feel betrayed?
Ramona Rizzo: Even though I met my husband through the lifestyle, he said he had no longer any affiliation & had no desire to regain ties. Sadly that was one of his major marriage ending lies for me. Of course I feel betrayed, he swore on our 4 children that he wouldn’t have anything to do with certain people from my lifestyle..

Lyssa Honey: You were thrown in on Mob Wives the second season, why weren’t you on the first season?
Ramona Rizzo: I declined first season of Mob Wives, for i had legal issues due to my ex-husband that I needed to settle. I also had to make sure my children were secure if anything were to happen to me.

Lyssa Honey: How did you feel about reality television before you were on a reality show? How do you feel about it now?
Ramona Rizzo: I always found reality tv interesting & I still feel the same way. But I realize now that they have the power to portray you in one light if they choose to.

Lyssa Honey: Due to the show, you have been called “spoiled” “bitch” “trouble maker” “bully” and even called the devil, how do you feel about being labeled such things? To put a twist to it, what about yourself can you say to prove these labels to be wrong?
Ramona Rizzo: Being called spoiled? Ok, fine. Are you jealous? Don’t care & I have no reason to care. If you were my friend, whatever I have you can borrow or use. Bitch? I’m proud of it because I’m only a bitch if you do something to piss me off or do something to me, my friends or family. I am definitely not going to be nice. Trouble maker? Never! I can get very opinionated. If you are my friend & I feel something is off, I’ll say it. For the ones that label me a trouble maker, you are not intelligent. You need to go back and watch the scenes again without being ignorant. Devil? Hell yeah! Only if you, excuse the French, fuck with the ones that I love, I will never be nice. Other than that, “devil” really isn’t my style. I am too busy in life for all of that.

Lyssa Honey: How long have you been friends with Karen & Renee? How has your friendship with these two changed over the years?
Ramona Rizzo: Karen I have known since I was born, our moms were pregnant together. Renee I know over 25 years, we did many family holidays & trips together. Her dad was friends with my grandfather & my dad. My friendship with Karen has crossed over into another common subject, MOTHERHOOD so we have bonded even more.

Lyssa Honey: Besides more episodes of Mob Wives, what can we expect from Ramona in the future?
Ramona Rizzo: You can expect me to be who i was before Mob Wives which was & is a business woman. I have a tan mist coming out, i also co-manage a r&b group out of Atlanta called Final Draft. I also have been working on my book before the show ever even started, just couldn’t act on it for legal reasons. I also have some surprises in my Louis Vuitton bag that will pop out soon enough!

Lyssa Honey: If you weren’t on the show “Mob Wives”, what about your present life would be different?
Ramona Rizzo: If i wasn’t on the show only thing that would be different is that people wouldn’t stop me for pictures & autographs. Other than that this is my life, 24/7.

Lyssa Honey: How do you feel today’s gangsters compare to the ones from your grandfather’s day?
Ramona Rizzo: For me to sit & compare today’s so called gangsters to my grandfather is kind of laughable. Because if you are a real gangster, know one really knows of you… *laughs* So where they at?! It’s hard today, there are a different set of morals & standards. It’s not what this life was built on back in the day, so I guess it is disappointing..

Lyssa Honey: If you could describe your life in one quote (an original quote or a quote by someone else) what would it be?

Lyssa Honey: Anything else you would like to share with us?
Ramona Rizzo: If I am your friend, I am that for life… Unless you cross me, if so I chose to walk away nicely with just some parting words. Real friends never hit real friends, I’d rather knock myself out. *laughs* My main love & responsibility in my life are my 4 kids. I am a single parent… So I think of them & how I can make it all work for us as a family. It’s not easy but it is so rewarding. Rizzo Mob Wives

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  1. She sure is having the stunning personality to talk about and with this interview we are able to understand them easily. I would glad if I could be able to read more about such personalities.

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