Interview with Tasha From Bad Girls Club 7

Oxygen’s hit show “Bad Girls Club” is on it’s seventh season. This season, the girls are in New Orleans. I was able to interview the posh princess of the show – Tasha.

Be sure to tune into Bad Girls Club on Mondays at 9pm EST on Oxygen.

Lyssa Honey: For the readers who don’t know who you are, please introduce yourself.
Tasha: Hey, I’m Tasha from the BAD GIRLS CLUB season 7 *NEW ORLEANS* originally from Alabama & currently live in Miami!
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Lyssa Honey: Everyone on Bad Girls Club is a “character”, what did they label your’s? Why?
Tasha: POSH PRINCESS!!! I feel like they picked me for the show because I am so different. I have no filter- you will know exactly how I feel and I never hold back! I do feel people underestimate me because of looks and what not. I enjoy the nicer things in life. I want the BEST of everything!!! I always wanted to go to the hottest spots, nicest restaurants and spend money! Lol But let’s be real…. Who wouldn’t!?

Lyssa Honey: Before Bad Girls Club, what were you doing with your life?
Tasha: I graduated from the University of Alabama in 2008 and really just felt like Alabama had nothing more to offer at that time in my life. I decided to pick up and move! I had been to Miami once before for the NFL Pro Bowl. Believe it or not, I never got to see miami during the day! I partied way to hard!! Hahah I just knew Miami was the right move at that time! I was working at BCBG as a manager/district HR recruiter when someone from Bad Girls Club walked in and asked if i would like to be on the show. I thought it was a joke.. But I figured i would do the video and see what came of it! Also, I was working on starting my own business. I do all swarovski crystal custom designs (beats by dre headphones, phone cases, iPad cases, football jerseys, and basketball jerseys!) Basically anything I could BLING out!!

Lyssa Honey: When you were first told that you will be on the show, what went through your mind?
Tasha: I was very excited to be on national tv. Not so much being on the Bad Girls Club. Honestly, I had never seen the show before. I just knew they picked me for a reason. I thought it would be an opportunity to do something I’ve never done before. I had to do it!!! I didn’t even try out & the opportunity fell in my lap. I live by “everything happens for a reason” so I did it!

Lyssa Honey: Your first night in the Bad Girls Club, when you were laying down going to sleep, what were your thoughts?
Tasha: I had never been around such immature girls in my life. I’m use to going out partying and going to my own house at the end of the night. I was totally annoyed by night one. Lol

Lyssa Honey: Who are your favourite girls from Bad Girls Club? (Can be from your season or others)
Tasha: I have never watched any other season. From my season of course my girl Priscilla and Shelly. I was so lucky to have Priscilla as a roommate- she made princess prison a little bit better.

Lyssa Honey: How was your experience living in the house? What have you learned from Bad Girls Club?
Tasha: Living in the house or (princess prison) was crazy. There is just no way to explain living with 6 other females with explosive personalities!! It was like survivor… With NO cash prize at the end!! I have learned I can get through anything after living in the house. It was really crazy wearing a mic 24/7 and waking up every morning with a camera inches from your face!

Lyssa Honey: Only the second episode & the house was already starting to form cliques, did these cliques last long? Why do you think the house began to separate so soon?
Tasha: I heard it was the fastest separation of any season. It dividend by like day 2!! I’m a pretty good judge of character and I only ride with real women. I knew Priscilla and Shelly were good people– as for the other girls…. Each showed FAKE tendencies very quick… I can’t stand fake people.

Lyssa Honey: In the few episodes that have already aired, is there anything that happened that you wish would have aired on television but didn’t?
Tasha: Not really.. I think they have showed most of what actually went down in the BGC house.

Lyssa Honey: How is your life different now that you are on television?
Tasha: It’s crazy!! Fans spot me out in crazy places but I love it! I hope to be a good influence to women… A “bad girl” isn’t always “bad”- when I think of a “bad bitch” I think independent, confident, educated, classy, beautiful, stands up for her self and what she believes in, and all men want/ all women dream to be!

Lyssa Honey: What do you see yourself doing in the near future? A LOT of traveling!!! I want to open up homeless shelters and do charity events. Also, Priscilla and I are working on a clothing line. “INFAMOUS ROYALTY” I’ve always wanted to open up a boutique and a high end club- so maybe that in the near future! Who knows… Maybe another tv show….. 😉 Stay tuned!!

Lyssa Honey: What was your favourite part about living in the house? What was your least favourite part?
Tasha: My favorite part was it was such a crazy spontaneous move for me! Also, meeting one of my best friends – Priscilla. I swear she’s gonna be in my wedding! We got to do a lot of crazy, fun, and exciting things this season!! My least favorite was having to live with nasty, hood-rat, trashy, fake women… It was hell!

Lyssa Honey: You are definitely recognized as the pretty girl of the season, what are your favourite designer clothes brands? Make-up brands? What makes your style?
Tasha: “I was born to stand out and never fit in!” so.. I like so many different brands when it comes to clothes. My favorite clothing brands are Herve Leger, BCBG, Alexander McQueen, Lauren Moshi, basically anything unique! Make-up brands I wear all M.A.C beside mascara. My MUST HAVES are Lancome drama mascara & M.A.C fashion whim lipgloss! My style is different everyday! I love trying out new looks.

Lyssa Honey: If you could change one thing from your BGC experience, what would it be?
Tasha: The location. I love New Orleans but there’s only so much you can do there. I get bored very easy and especially when the places I wanted to go… I couldn’t because of cameras. I was really hoping it would of been filmed in VEGAS or NYC!

Lyssa Honey: Do you have any words for those who want to be on Bad Girls Club or reality television?
Tasha: BE YOURSELF! Because, if not you end up looking like some of the other girls this season.. CRAZY!! Reality tv isn’t at all glamourous- it’s actually not easy! You must be one strong women to be on the Bad Girls Club. It’s crazy being recorded all day and then having to relive your life months later. Not just reliving it.. But being put under a microscope for everyone to either love you or pick you apart! Dealing with constant bullshit and drama 24/7 for 3 months is very exhausting!

Lyssa Honey: Anything else you would like us to know?
Tasha: I have the best family, friends and fans.. Thank each and every one of you for the love and support! You all are FABULOUS!!!! And to all the haters… You guys keep me highly entertained! Hate is such a nasty disease!! God bless!! Xoxo

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5 Thoughts on “Interview with Tasha From Bad Girls Club 7

  1. God she's gorgeous. Princess, no doubt. Just as your everyday brother in the good US of A, Tasha's the type chick you want on your side.

  2. Baybreezy on September 19, 2011 at 11:17 pm said:

    Dis bitch Tasha is hella fake, weak, etc. Wanna be black hella,hard. Bitch you aint black do you realize you are Amarian. Take your bitch ass back to Iran, where u belong. You september 9 bitoch…. Bitch you can’t even fight one on one. U need someone to back you up. Bitch you cant even talk shit when your by yourself. I hope the girls whoop your ass. Im hella glad nastashia pour a drink on your ass. If I was on the show, bitch best believe u would be on in an coma.

  3. She is so lame, she is not even that cute.
    And she said she is fashion? all her shit looks like something
    from Forever 21, New York and Company etc.LOL
    She is JOKE.

  4. persianbitch on October 1, 2011 at 8:10 pm said:

    Tasha keep yo head up high girl don’t follow no bitchhhh u r beautiful and Im proud of u keep it up for ur nation as well…. Be a leader not a follow sometimes it disappointing watchig u kissing priscellas ass 🙁

  5. bcgfan on October 5, 2011 at 1:50 am said:

    In my opinion she’s okay pretty but if you were to just sit her behind a curtain you’d realize she’s just your ordinary gold digger whos waiting on a basketball player to knock her up. I see girls like that all the times in the clubs.

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