Interview With Vanna B.

I have been friends with Vanna for so many years now & this girl has always been about her business. I have such a high respect for her. I’ve been around to meet Vanna Black (now just Vanna B.) the model, rapper, & now author. With the release of her new book “Fancy” I had to interview her. Read the interview after the jump to find out all about this brand on heels!

this is the cover for Vanna’s book “Fancy” featuring Vanna herself!

Lyssa Honey: Though most might know you as Vanna Black the model, you have other titles on your resume. What all do you do?
I’m also an author and publisher of urban fiction. I write novels as Vanna B. under my company, Hope Street Publishing.

Lyssa Honey: Of all that you do, what is your favourite? Why?
Vanna B: Writing is definitely my favorite. It was my first love and I can’t imagine myself not doing it.

Lyssa Honey: What was your “big break” into the entertainment industry?
Vanna B: I attended a casting for a fashion show Black Men’s Magazine was having. I was selected to be in the fashion show and later did a photo-shoot for them which resulted in my first magazine appearance in their “Sexiest College Girls of the East” issue. After that, I started getting a lot of job offers for music videos, hair ads, calendars and other magazines.

Lyssa Honey: How do you feel the modeling industry has changed from when you first got into the game?
Vanna B: Since I first started out urban modeling has taken a turn to thicker women being more popular, a natural progression since more people are embracing curvy women.

Lyssa Honey: For those who do not know, you are the mother to a beautiful baby boy. How has being a mother affected your professional role(s) in the entertainment industry?
Vanna B: Having my son matured me a lot. Aside from that I definitely have him to thank for me finally publishing my first novel. Since I have him I can’t run back and forth to NY for castings and jobs like before. I’m much more of a homebody now, and spend a lot more time home teaching him and writing.

Lyssa Honey: Your latest project is your book “Fancy”. Please tell our readers a little bit about the plot & the main character.
Vanna B: Fancy is a young woman who is very much into designer clothes and living the party life. People assume that because she’s always seen in VIP popping bottles while rocking Gucci and Prada that she must be living the good life, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Lyssa Honey: May you please share an excerpt from your favourite part of the book?
Vanna B: This is from the part of the book where readers are taken into Fancy’s home and get their initial glance at the REAL her. She is coming home after a night of partying.

“Finally Fancy arrives at her destination, a dilapidated two-story brick row home that has been converted into two apartments, one of which she resides in. As she ascends the littered cement steps she spots a folded piece of paper stuck in the screen door. She picks it up to discover it is a notice from the gas company stating they had come out earlier that morning and turned off her gas due to nonpayment. Fancy groans as she unlocks the door and walks inside. She picks up the mail scattered on the floor in front of the door and throws it on top of a large pile of unopened mail on the table. Exhausted, and still suffering with a pounding headache, she flops on her frameless bed, which is nothing more than an old mattress atop a beat-up box spring. Her apartment is so cold she doesn’t bother taking off her coat. She just curls up and pulls the covers over her head in an attempt to get warm.

Suddenly she is overcome by a wave of nausea and runs to the bathroom to vomit. Afterwards she leans into the sink and splashes her face with icy water. This shit is getting old, she thinks to herself, staring in the mirror at her dull, dry skin and the dark circles lurking under her tired eyes. It’s supposed to be fun, so how come I’m not having fun? Now, at the age of 27, she is finally beginning to grow weary of the party life.

Fancy returns to her bed and lies on her side across it, resting her head on her arm. She peers straight ahead into her door-less closet, which is overflowing with expensive clothes, handbags and shoes: things that help her paint a picture of the person she wants the world to see. But it isn’t her. It’s all a lie – an elaborate façade that she goes out of her way to maintain. Lately she is finding it more and more difficult to keep up an appearance of glitz and glamour when her reality is one of poverty and struggle. She feels like a Hollywood actress playing an on-screen role, only when the cameras stop rolling, instead of being rich and famous, she is broke and alone.”

There is also a free sample of the first three chapters of the book on my site at

Lyssa Honey: Where can people purchase your book?
Vanna B: Fancy is available on my site with free shipping. It is also available on Amazon, and the e-book is on Kindle, Apple, Nook, Sony and Diesel e-readers.

Lyssa Honey: What made you want to write a book? What was your inspiration? Can we expect a part 2 of this story?
Vanna B: I always wanted to write a book but just never really had the time to do so until recently. My inspiration for Fancy came from real people that I know, who will spend their last dime on a Louie bag when their gas is about to get shut off. It’s truly sad to see people fold under the societal pressures to place the utmost value on material things and struggle to live above their means all to project an image that is a far cry from their true selves. There will be a sequel to Fancy, which I am working on now.

Lyssa Honey: I’ve noticed your book has been getting a lot of press, was this expected? How has the success of the book affected your life?
Vanna B: I had hoped people would receive it well and I’m so glad that they are! I’m very thankful for the press it’s receiving and there’s nothing more rewarding than reading the positive reviews and messages I get from satisfied readers who enjoyed Fancy and are looking forward to more of my work. It makes me work harder because I don’t want to keep people waiting too long for the next book!

Lyssa Honey: What can we expect from Vanna B. in the future? What new ventures do you want to take on?
Vanna B: You can expect more page-turning, quality urban fiction and I will also be publishing work from other amazing authors. In addition to books, I am working on writing an action screenplay and would also love to see Fancy become a movie.

Lyssa Honey: It seems as if you have made a bunch of your dreams into a reality, that’s amazing! What advice can you give those trying to fulfill their dreams?
Vanna B: Never stop pushing! There will be setbacks and everyone will not support you. They won’t see your vision until you MAKE them see, so let every turn-down and disappointment motivate you more; learn from them. When you get knocked down, dust yourself off and stand taller than ever.

Lyssa Honey: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Vanna B: Please check out the cinematic trailer for Fancy at Join me on social media and thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me and what I do J
Instagram: vannab215

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