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Lace By Tanaya is a jewelry line like no other. I first met Tanaya last year through Rosa. When I met her she was wearing a pair of her earrings & I fell in love. I mean, how could you not? Even your favourite celebrities are wearing her earrings!

Nicki Minaj

Keri Hilson

Lyssa Honey

LOL! Ok, that was just a joke guys. I know I am not a celebrity. But hey, don’t I look hot in my lace?!

Another big thing for Tanaya is she created a pair of earrings for famous blogger Necole Bitchie to sell exclusively on her website with her new t-shirt line.

My personal favourite, thus far, are her orientals. Those are the ones you saw Nicki Minaj wearing in her “Your Love” video. They are fabulous!

Make sure you head over to http://LaceByTanaya.Com & order some lace! Or if you care to know a little more about the girl & the brand, read this interview I did with Tanaya! ♥

Lyssa Honey: Meet Tanaya – the model, the fashion designer + a whole lot more. For
those out there who have yet to hear about Tanaya, why don’t you introduce yourself?
Tanaya: I am 22 years old, from a small suburb in Minnesota. I moved to New York almost 3 years ago to model with an interest in fashion and design.

Lyssa Honey: So I first met Tanaya through Rosa Acosta & I knew right away that you
were mixed. See, I’m mixed & I can always pick out mixed people. What is
your ethnicity?
Tanaya: I’m African American, Native American, Russian and some other things!

Lyssa Honey: What did you get into first – modeling or fashion designing & which do you
Tanaya: Modeling. Going to jobs and meeting different people within the design world definitely inspired me to
clock into my creativity. I love modeling but sometimes I start to feel iike a mannequin and I have a bit more to express then most models I know.

Lyssa Honey: In what ways do these career paths benefit each other? In what ways do
they conflict?
Tanaya: Modeling and designing benefit each other in many ways. If I go to a job and meet a stylist, creative director or other designer, I can introduce them to my product. If there are multiple models on set, many times they’ll ask me about Lace and I can make some sales and get the word out there that way. Many times Ill get an order or have a deadline for jewelry and it gets a bit hectic when I’m shooting but I’ve learned to manage my time accordingly!

Lyssa Honey: What made you get into modeling?
Tanaya: I’ve been obsessed with Victoria’s Secret and the models since I can remember. I always wanted to walk down the glittery runway. I guess that drove me to this point. I’m shorter than most models so it’s a little harder than I thought it would be.

Lyssa Honey: What has been your best experience as a model & what has been your worst?
Tanaya: I get to meet amazing people, travel, and do amazing things as a model. It’s great. Its a little discouraging when people tell me I’m “too short” for this and that, but its also pushing me to do more so I can prove those people wrong.

Lyssa Honey:With modeling, I notice you’ve been in a few music videos – which was your favourite?
Tanaya: My favorite video was Miguel feat J. Cole “All I Want is You.” It was awesome walking around like an alien/clone. There was a ton of preparation; I had to get these HUGE blacked-out contacts and the glowing lips were a task in itself, but it was really fun.

Lyssa Honey: How did you start making your jewelry?
Tanaya: It really just started as a hobby. I made an earlace for myself and then friends started asking for them, so I thought why not sell them?

Lyssa Honey: Which piece of your jewelry is your personal favourite & which piece seems
to be the most popular?
Tanaya: My personal favorite would probably have to be the regular earlace because you can wear it with so much. I love some of my designs from my 2nd and 3rd collections that you’ll see soon!

Lyssa Honey: Do you plan on designing clothes or any other accessories or strictly
Tanaya: Yes, I plan on designing as much as I can imagine. I’m going to start out with the accessories and build on that.

Lyssa Honey: What made you name your line Lace by Tanaya? I must say I love the name,
it sounds very sexy yet elegant.
Tanaya: Thank you! I love lace. Its so beautiful and sophisticated. The careful detail reminds me of the detail in my designs. Also, the word
“earlace” is a combination of earring + necklace… which also includes the word “lace.” It just worked out!

Lyssa Honey: I know (thanks to your tweets) your jewelry has been on some big names &
in good places! Share some of that with us.
Tanaya: Lace has been seen on Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Meagan Good, Keri Hilson, Candice Accola, international publications and multiple TV shows.

Lyssa Honey: Is there anyone you want to get your jewelry to that you have not been
able to yet?
Tanaya: Beyonce!

Lyssa Honey: Have you made custom pieces for anyone?
Tanaya: Yes, I’ve created many custom pieces. One of the first pieces I created was something for Rihanna.

Lyssa Honey: What are some future goals of yours? Do you want to do anything besides
modeling & running your own line?
Tanaya: I am an aspiring actress so I hope to be in some major films and television shows.

For more Tanaya, check out the following links!

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  2. They do sell, but the market is almost exclusively teen girls and young women in their early 20's. There are also a *load* of people who are selling polymer clay miniatures, charms and jewelry.

  3. That is the most beautiful looking necklace that I have ever seen and it looks like an expensive piece of jewelry. There is really something special about the simple design of this necklace.

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