My First Magazine Feature – Haus Of Mode December 2014 Issue

Today I received in the mail a printed copy of my very first magazine feature! I was featured in Haus Of Mode’s December 2014 issue.


I am so excited to see my name & picture in a magazine! I damn near screamed turning the pages! Haus of Mode is a fashion/beauty magazine. They did an interview with me entitled “10 Things With Lyssa Honey”…

Continue reading to check out the interview & find out how you can purchase a copy of the magazine…

Haus Of Mode: What is your favorite album?
Lyssa Honey: “No Strings Attached” by *Nsync… But “Diplomatic Immunity” by The Diplomats is in close second.

Haus Of Mode: If you were trapped on a desert island and had to pick your partner or music, which one would you pick?
Lyssa Honey: Music! Some time away from your partner is always healthy. Not having music would be very unhealthy… For my partner. I’m not saying that I would go crazy & kill him, but I’m not saying that I won’t either

Haus Of Mode: What makes you, you?
Lyssa Honey: My sarcastic mouth, my morbid sense of humor, being a brat, my love for the ocean, my love for family & culture, my love for music… And the fact that this list can go on & on, because I just love talking about myself.

To read the rest of the interview, you’ll have to get your own copy of the magazine. 🙂 You can order a printed copy, or download a digital copy, by clicking here.

Thank you so much for the support! 🙂

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