So In Love With My Lilumia Brush Cleaner

I am so in love with my Lilumia 2 makeup brush cleaner. It’s so fun to watch & it gives them a nice deep cleanse. My brushes feel so clean & soft when it’s done! I have the “New York” version in matte black, but it is available in other colors. Lilumia 2 are priced between $144 – $162, and it is available to purchase and pay in monthly installments. You can purchase & learn more about Lilumia by clicking here. This is a great investment for your brushes! They will thank you later. xo

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2 Thoughts on “So In Love With My Lilumia Brush Cleaner

  1. good video review! I think that this mascara makes your eyes more expressive

  2. I shared a link to your post with my friend. It is very useful information for her because she works make-up artist.

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