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Honey the Princess, meet Honey the Cartoon

I am so in love with this cartoon drawing that was made of me! Be sure to show the artist some love, his work is amazing!

You can find the artist on Twitter & Instagram. Thank you again, Quan! I am totally obsessed with it. ♥

The Creative & Funny PeeJeT

So I’ve been following PeeJeT on Twitter & Instagram for a little bit and this man is hilarious. He photoshops himself into pictures with celebrities and adds funny captions. But the funniest thing is that the pictures look so real!! Here are some examples:

Cruising with Rihanna

Met a nice lady at the awards tonight

Sweet nothings

Hilarious & talented right?! LOL! So anyway, today he sends me a picture on Twitter with the caption “Get It Girlllllll”. I screamed when I opened the picture.

He put my face on Marilyn Monroe’s body & it looks so real! LOL! I la-la-love it!!

But anyway, when I say you must follow this man – you simply must! End of discussion! LOL! You can follow him on Twitter & Instagram at @PeeJeT

Marilyn Monroe Art Gallery In Miami

Marilyn Monroe: Tribute to an Icon is a new exhibition, featuring 21 artists, opening on August 22 and running through to October 10 at Miami’s Galleria Ca’d’Oro, reports Art Daily.

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