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Valentine’s Day Photoshoot With Elegant Silk


Recently, I was one of the models for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot for Elegant Silk. Elegant silk is your one stop shop for all things beauty; hair styling, make-up applications, manicures, and you’re also able to purchase hair extensions, wigs, and lingerie. It is such a lovely boutique & I was more than honored to be one of their models for their Valentine’s Day photoshoot!


So In Love With My Lilumia Brush Cleaner

I am so in love with my Lilumia 2 makeup brush cleaner. It’s so fun to watch & it gives them a nice deep cleanse. My brushes feel so clean & soft when it’s done! I have the “New York” version in matte black, but it is available in other colors. Lilumia 2 are priced between $144 – $162, and it is available to purchase and pay in monthly installments. You can purchase & learn more about Lilumia by clicking here. This is a great investment for your brushes! They will thank you later. xo

Revamp Your Nighttime Beauty Ritual with Gentler Product

There is a lot going on with our skin overnight, and sleep enables the body to reverse everyday free-radical damage through cellular renewal. Besides catching enough Zzz’s, the best way to take advantage of this process is to be kinder to your skin. Skip the harsh products that promise to work miracles overnight and try out some of these gentler picks from Merle Norman, Sebamed and DECLÉOR. They will help your skin renew while you rest; leaving you with a beautiful complexion in the morning!

Merle Norman Very Gentle Eye Makeup Remover:
It’s no secret that makeup can be harsh to the skin. However, many makeup removers contain ingredients that can leave the skin feeling stripped and irritated. This gel formula makeup remover, made for all skin types, gently and thoroughly removes eye makeup, including waterproof formulas, leaving the eye area feeling clean, soft and smooth. $10 at local Merle Norman Studios nationwide. Visit http://MerleNorman.com for locations.

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash:
Cleansing removes the dirt, oil and impurities from your skin before bed. However, you don’t want your cleanser to strip too much from your skin. Dermatologist developed, this nourishing, non-irritating formula is suitable for the most sensitive of skins. Rapidly absorbed and non-greasy, it restores your skin’s natural balance of pH 5.5, providing natural protection from the elements. $12.95 at http://SebamedUSA.com.

DECLÉOR Rose D’Orient Soothing Night Balm:
This 100% natural, preservative-free balm acts on the condition of your skin to deliver an aromatic night-care treatment for sensitive and reactive skin. The lush, melt-in texture, when smoothed onto the face, dissolves perfectly into the skin. It helps comfort, rest and relax facial features while reducing signs of irritation. $73 at DecleorUSA.com

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